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Criminal Code Reform Commission

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The D.C. Criminal Code Reform Commission (CCRC) is an independent agency in the District of Columbia government that began operation October 1, 2016.

Currently, under D.C. Code § 3–152(d) the agency provides, upon request by the Council or on its own initiative, a legal or policy analysis of proposed legislation or best practices concerning criminal offenses, procedures, or reforms, including information on existing District law, the laws of other jurisdictions, and model legislation.

Prior to April 1, 2021 the CCRC had additional statutorily-specified duties under D.C. Code § 3–152(a)-(c) to develop comprehensive recommendations for the D.C. Council and Mayor on revision of District criminal statutes.

The CCRC is an advisory body with no regulatory, legislative, or judicial authority. Any changes to District criminal statutes recommended by the CCRC would require legislative action by the District’s elected officials.